Our fees are generally charged relative to the size of the investment portfolio.

At Cambridge Partners we typically charge clients a fee based on the value of Assets under Management.

This fee reduces on a sliding scale for larger portfolios, and the fees specific to your circumstances will be detailed by our advisers as part of the initial discussion.

To further protect clients’ assets and to simplify administration, investment assets are held by independent custodian AEGIS – owned by the ASB Bank.

The fee for this service currently starts at 0.22% p.a. for a portfolio of up to $500,000. Again, this fee reduces for larger portfolios. These fees are tax deductible.

What other fees/costs will I be charged?

Cambridge Partners employs low cost, low turnover institutional funds, most of which are not available to retail investors. The weighted average fund manager fees for the total portfolio are approximately 0.39% gross p.a.


What is the total cost of delivery for managing our money?

Adviser and custodial fees are charged in accordance with a sliding scale related to portfolio size. Fees accrue at the agreed annual rate and are deducted from the portfolio quarterly.

Please note that a minimum annual fee per annum may apply.

The Fund Manager fees are deducted at the fund manager level and reported to us, also quarterly. Cambridge Partners monitors the total true cost of delivery carefully as this ensures an enhanced net return for our clients, and all fees will be detailed by your adviser prior to proceeding.

Do you or your firm receive any commission, fund manager fee rebates, or any other inducements from providers?

Many fixed interest providers and fund managers pay commissions to advisers upon placement of the investment and/or on an ongoing basis. Additionally sharebrokers pay commissions to advisers when shares or fixed interest investments are purchased via them.

Cambridge Partners rebates all commissions, manager fee rebates and any other financial inducements back to our clients at all times. This ensures a transparent process; clients know exactly what fees they are being charged and can rest assured that every recommendation we make is based on what is best for them.

What performance-based fees are received by any of the investment managers?

Nil. In our view, performance-based management fees primarily reward the investment manager and not the client. Furthermore, they detract from the net performance to the client over the longer term.


For more information on our fees, please contact us.