Resources for Accountants

Accounting for investments used to be relatively straightforward, but sadly this is no longer the case.

Complexity of tax rules surrounding investments

In recent years there has been a quantum leap in the complexity of tax rules and calculation methods surrounding investments, with the recent introduction of the PIE/PLE regime, FIF regime, and financial arrangements rules.

Clients and their accountants are looking for solutions that enable their investments to be held tax efficiently whilst meeting their tax compliance requirements cost effectively.

Our private wealth investment strategies implemented on the Aegis portfolio administration platform meet the needs of the most sophisticated and demanding investors in both respects.

Our goal is to help an investor’s accountants fully leverage the tax reporting capabilities of AEGIS, and in doing so increase the accuracy and reduce the time involved in preparing tax returns and financial statements.

We have therefore developed a guide to assist our clients’ accountants to understand all aspects of accounting for investments, plus how to fully exploit the AEGIS reporting capabilities to prepare financial statements and tax returns for investors.

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