About Us

Cambridge Partners, founded in 2017, is a merger between two of New Zealand's most highly respected independent financial services firms - Bradley Nuttall and iQ2 Private Wealth.

A little about us

Cambridge Partners is a founder member firm of GAIA (Global Association of Independent Advisors) based in Switzerland, which currently comprises 15 firms. We are also a member of GAIA Australasia, which meets two times each year to share resources and debate best investment practices.

Our strong global connections are invaluable when it comes to staying at the forefront of advisory best practice. Each year we spend several weeks visiting top wealth management businesses across the globe. We also travel to Australia at least twice a year to participate in Investment Management Workshops alongside a number of financial planning firms who also focus on implementing best practice asset class investing.

At these workshops we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to mix with like-minded businesses and to be educated by many of the world’s leading financial thinkers, including several Nobel Prize-winning Laureates.

The benefit of this approach is that it enables us to remove ourselves from the so-called ‘education’ put forward by local financial institutions who frequently demonstrate bias advocating certain investment solutions that favour products they have designed and/or promote.

As fee-only advisers we are completely independent and therefore do not need to promote or sell any product in order to meet ‘head office requirements’. We are committed to providing quality, independent advice, tailored to your requirements.

As financial stewards and investment fiduciaries we will only recommend what is right for you and your circumstances. We take a comprehensive wealth management approach and have a dedicated and highly effective support team.

Our business is based on referrals from our clients and professionals, such as lawyers and accountants. Lawyers in particular tend to favour our approach; we focus as much on managing the downside risks as on providing a good investment return.

Certification & Accreditation

We are independently certified by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) as achieving global best practice standards, and are also granted the Discretionary Investment Management Service (DIMS) licence by the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority (FMA).

This means we are able to use our discretion and act on behalf of clients (in accordance with their approved investment strategies) when providing ongoing wealth management services.

We are a member of the Global Association of Independent Advisors (GAIA). GAIA firms share best practices and learn from each other, meaning we can better serve our clients in a fiduciary capacity.

Certificate of Registration

DIMS: Licensed Discretionary Investment Management Services

Cambridge Partners Ltd has been granted a Discretionary Investment Management Service (DIMS) licence by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA).

A DIMS is where buy-sell decisions about a client’s investment portfolio may be made on behalf of said client without requiring their authorisation for each transaction. Licensing of DIMS was introduced as part of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013, which is replacing most of New Zealand’s existing financial markets conduct law. The new DIMS licensing arrangements place greater obligations and minimum standards on providers, which regulators hope will offer better protection to investors.

The DIMS licence enables Cambridge Partners Ltd to continue to provide the financial market services it has delivered to clients for the last 23 years. Please click here for a description of the DIMS licensee obligations.