Update 9th June 2020
Following the announcement on Monday from the Prime Minister and the move to Alert Level 1, Cambridge Partners’ staff are all back working from our offices.
Over the seven weeks of lockdown, and the move through the various alert levels, we’ve all had our challenges and had to adapt to different ways of working. I’m proud of how our team has worked together, as this enabled us to continue to operate at full capacity, regardless of whether we have been working from home or back in the office.
Following the move to Level 1, our activity will continue as normal with staff available via the usual phone and email channels. We can now meet with clients in person and visitors are most welcome at our offices.  However, we are also aware that there are still those who may choose to maintain distance so if you prefer we are very happy to contact you by phone or video conferencing facility.
New Zealand’s ‘team of 5 million’ have done a wonderful job in working together to beat COVID-19 but we are all aware that the battle is far from over.  And, sadly, much of the world is still in a very precarious state.
Cambridge Partners will continue to closely monitor events, both here and around the world, to ensure our clients receive informed and up-to-date financial advice and information.
Warm regards,

Richard Austin, Manager Partner, and the Team at Cambridge Partners


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