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14 May 2019
Why We’re Proud to be a Member of GAIA – and Why it Should Matter to You

Cambridge Partners are the only company in the South Island with GAIA membership, and one of only two New Zealand wide. GAIA stands for Global Association of Independent Advisors, and membership is limited to those companies who meet stringent standards of total independence and transparency in wealth management practices.

GAIA member companies must also be certified by CEFEX – an equally demanding independent global assessment and certification organization which provides an independent recognition of a firm’s adherence to a defined standard representing the best practices in the industry.

Simply put, potential investors can rest assured that any company which carries CEFEX registration is audited annually by expert analysts, adheres to strict regulations, and puts their clients’ interests first. More information can be found by visiting the CEFEX website

The recent GAIA conference in Melbourne reinforced for us just how important both these alliances are for us and our clients. And also how relevant GAIA’s principles are in a world which is increasingly demanding greater transparency and openness in all things.

GAIA member firms believe that open, honest communication is the foundation upon which the entire financial planning and wealth management process should be built. It is only by fully understanding our clients’ current circumstances and their long-term goals and objectives that we can deliver a truly effective, tailored financial management plan.

Like the rest of our GAIA partner firms, we at Cambridge Partners believe our clients’ financial success is not about being lucky, but being prudent about creating and preserving wealth. If you’d like to know more about GAIA please give us a call or visit their website