Our Clients

We provide comprehensive financial advice and ongoing private wealth management solutions to a wide variety of clients in New Zealand and overseas.

Some typical clients and situations:

Individuals and Families

How do you manage financial complexities and grow/protect your assets in the best interests of current and future generations of your family? How do you educate the next generation on wealth management and the responsibilities of stewardship?

Trustees of Family Trusts

How can trustees develop and implement a defensible investment process and strategy that not only ensures a successful and predictable outcome for the trust, but also protects them against investment risks?


Farm succession planning has never been easy. When it comes time to “hang up your gumboots”, who can orchestrate the wide ranging legal, tax, and financial advice you need to make the transition? How do you invest the sale proceeds to provide for you and your family’s future without the farm?

Business Owners

How do you prepare a business for sale so it realises its maximum value? Who can you trust to help negotiate the best possible outcomes? How do you invest the sale proceeds to provide for you and your family’s future without the business?

Loss of Partner

The loss of a spouse or a relationship break-up is a traumatic event in life. At such difficult times, many people find themselves forced into making complicated financial and legal decisions for which they are unprepared or uncomfortable making.

Who can you lean on to help manage this difficult process and make sure you take care of yourself and your family while you put your life back together?

Sudden Money

A sudden windfall can turn people’s lives upside down and also be overwhelming. How do you become accustomed to your new situation, work out your priorities, and live the life that you want for yourself and your family?

Charities and Institutions

There is a great deal of public money in institutions and charities managed by trustees for a variety of good causes. The management of investments is usually the most difficult task and the area of greatest legal vulnerability for trustees.

Professionals and Executives

Many successful executives and professionals have to fund their retirement from a high savings rate as their income peaks late in their careers. How do you determine how much you need to save, when you can safely retire, and what the optimal investment strategy is before and after retirement?