Financial Services

We offer financial planning services throughout New Zealand.

Is your Financial House in order?

Can you recall the last time you sat down and worked out where you are financially, and where you want to be? Are you confident that your personal and financial decisions are aligned with what matters to you most as well your most important financial goals?

Today’s financial markets offer investors an ever-increasing array of choice and information but most investors are still searching for clarity and peace of mind that they are on the right track.

Our Financial Management Process

A Simple But Powerful Model

Cambridge Partners’ financial management process is designed to set your entire Financial House in order and to keep it that way for the rest of your life.

Our comprehensive, integrated approach draws on best practices from a variety of fields, employing a combination of internal and external experts to fulfil the needs of our clients as completely and effectively as possible.

Our process utilises our in-house expertise in the critical areas of investment management and wealth accumulation. We will project manage the engagement of other professionals in the fields of tax, estate planning, philanthropy, and risk management to ensure that we all work to common goals.


Each year we review and update your estate plan to reflect any changes in your life, with a full and focused legal review every five years. We provide a clear plan for your assets for the next generation and help to ensure your heirs work together so as to prevent any conflicts about money.

Tax Structuring & Planning

We help our clients plan to limit any unexpected surprises from the tax office. We assist with the completion of all tax returns and work closely with tax professionals to achieve appropriate outcomes.

Cash Flow & Debt Management

We will develop a cash-flow management plan to ensure that the appropriate levels of funding go toward achieving your most important goals, while maintaining your current lifestyle. This incorporates a debt management plan to ensure any debts are paid down within an appropriate timeframe.

Strategic Advice

Our process is designed to ensure we understand your unique circumstances and to help you articulate your most important goals. By connecting meaning and money we can help you develop a transparent wealth strategy that affords you the assurance you are on track to lead your ideal life and achieve your objectives.

Risk Management

Our team of financial advisors will assess anything they perceive may threaten the achievement of your plan. This includes all personal, occupational, life, disability and critical care risks, as well as all property risks. We will help you evaluate how to best manage these exposures. Clients are often in a position to ‘self-insure’ many of these risks, however in other cases insurance or some other structure is essential to avoid or mitigate risk.

In all cases we are very experienced in drawing effective conclusions for our clients, and perhaps as important we have no interest in any one particular solution. Our clients can therefore depend on a thoroughly competent and unbiased assessment of their overall insurance portfolio; a combination very difficult to find anywhere else.

Specialist Services – US Immigrants

The US is almost unique in that US citizens or permanent residents (green card holders) remain US taxpayers irrespective of whether they reside in the US or not. So even if you are living in NZ, you remain a US taxpayer as long as you retain your US citizenship/residency status.  One of our Advisers, Steve Mander, has lived and worked in the USA and has specialist expertise in this area.  Visit US Immigrants for more information, or contact Steve directly – he will be happy to help.