Specialist Services

We offer a wide range of specialist services, including areas requiring a level of expertise only available in a few financial organisations within New Zealand.

Our Specialist Services Include the Following

International Migrants

New Zealand is a popular destination for migrants from other countries offering an enviable lifestyle, culture and quality of life. Moving from overseas, however, can create financial complexities, resulting in the need to obtain specialist advice.

At Cambridge Partners we have a depth of experience in advising clients from US, UK, Australia and many other jurisdictions.

US Citizens

The US is almost unique in that US citizens or permanent residents (green card holders) remain US taxpayers irrespective of whether they reside in the US or not. So even if you are living in NZ, you remain a US taxpayer as long as you retain your US citizenship/residency status. One of our advisers, Steve Mander, has lived and worked in the USA and has specialist expertise in this area. He is joined by James Howard who has extensive knowledge in cross-jurisdictional planning and structuring, having spent a number of years with EY’s transfer pricing team in NZ and overseas. Visit US Immigrants for more information, view this short video, or contact Steve or James directly – they will be happy to help.


Kiwis returning from Australia face a number of choices with deciding how to take their Australian Superannuation Funds and what to do with other savings and investments they have built up in Australia. At Cambridge Partners we are fortunate to have 2 advisers who have lived and worked on the other side of the ditch – Todd Sutton (who is also a chartered accountant), and Steve Mander.  If you have any questions please speak to Todd or Steve directly.


We have in-depth experience in advising clients from the UK and helping them navigate the different pension and savings plans, taxation and the regulations around QROPS. If you would like advice or have any questions, please speak to Richard Austin, or James Howard.

Institutional Investments

Cambridge Partners has significant experience in providing governance and investment advice to charitable trusts, institutions and large tax-exempt clients. We believe that we can provide significant value to trustees in developing an investment governance framework to help you manage your resources effectively and provide confidence to other stakeholders that your investments are well managed.

As a CEFEX accredited firm Cambridge Partners has been independently certified as achieving global best practice for investment stewards.

Helping You Through Life’s Transitions

Many of our clients seek financial assistance when going through a period of personal change. This can be transitioning from full-time work to retirement, reinvestment of funds from selling a business, inheritance, death of a partner, marriage breakup or winning the lottery.

Each situation needs careful planning and support as you go through the transition and re-evaluate your personal needs and financial goals.