Financial Adviser & Managing Partner


As the leader of Cambridge Partners Institutional Advice division, Jacob works with organisations to design, implement, and manage risk appropriate investment portfolios. He has been advising and managing investments for institutions since 2005.

I began my financial services career over 30 years ago in a management and strategic planning position at National Mutual (now AMP). It was here I first witnessed the conflicts of interest that arise when a financial institution’s primary focus is on selling as much as possible of its own product.

Fellow Advisers Andrew Nuttall and Dave Bradley shared my concerns. So in 1994 we joined forces to found Bradley Nuttall with the goal of providing clients with independent, objective and unbiased investment advice that was free from conflicts of interest.

I work across a variety of clients, but my background in education and governance give me a particular interest in advising and educating boards, committees and trustees in the institutional and not-for-profit space.

I have a strong belief in the importance of transparency, and putting the client’s needs first. It was what drove me to help form Bradley Nuttall, and is just as important to me at Cambridge Partners. I’m also pretty gregarious so love the personal contact I enjoy with colleagues, associates and clients.

I enjoy the opportunity to work closely with others towards a common goal, and love seeing members of our team come on board and grow into their roles.

I also really like the focus we have on pre- and post-retirement planning. As the baby boomers age and move into their retirement years, this is becoming more and more important so it’s very rewarding to be able to help people negotiate this significant step in their lives.

Money matters because it gives you choices, and helps relieve some of the issues we face. But it is by no means the most important thing in life. However, if we can help relieve people of some of their money worries, they are freer to enjoy the other things that really matter to them.

My passion for not-for-profit and community service has spilled over into my personal life. I was involved in the establishment of the Canterbury Insurance Advisory Service (CIAS) following the Christchurch earthquakes, and have been involved with various other not-for-profit organisations over the years.

I live on a lifestyle block with my wife so enjoy spending time there and also with my family which has grown to include my mother, four daughters, their partners and three grandchildren.


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