Financial Adviser


Todd has been in financial services for 24 years, starting out in 1993 in Accounting at Ernst and Young’s Business Advisory Division in Dunedin. Following the completion of his Chartered Accounting qualification Todd moved to Australia, where he worked in the Funds Management industry before returning to NZ in 2008.

I have held roles at Ernst and Young, Macquarie Bank, MLC, and Perpetual, where I was head of the Product Development and Management Division, overseeing the Masterfund, Wrap, and Unit Trust products with over $30 billion in funds under management.
This role gave me experience with many investment options and strategies, as well as the opportunity to work for a variety of institutional clients. Through this involvement, I gained first-hand experience in how manager-picking and other active management strategies did not always benefit clients.

I really enjoy sitting down with clients using a cashflow modeling tool to help them get what I call financial peace of mind.
Once my clients have achieved this peace of mind, we can then work on what they would like to do with their money and their time. This can be quite an emotional and revealing journey for them, and I find it very satisfying to be able to help them with this.

I grew up on a farm so I find I can empathise with farmers who are going through issues such as succession planning and how to work with their kids, but also if they decide to sell the farm, and then end up with a lot of capital for the first time in their lives. This applies equally to those who sell a business or find themselves with sudden money from other sources.

I was delighted to have the opportunity to join Bradley Nuttall (now Cambridge Partners) as both firms use rigorous, prudent, and academically sound investment methods. This gives me peace of mind to be able to get on with working with clients with a robust investment solution.

I spend a lot of time working with people to confirm how much money they will need. This process can take time as people near retirement. Once this is clearer we can then work on achieving this, or more importantly if they already have enough, looking at potentially working less or doing other things with their new found time.

Skiing, running, following childrens sports and cricket are my interests. I like seeing my children out and about enjoying their interactions and I also like getting out and about myself.


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