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13 May 2019
One of the Best Decisions I Ever Made!

One of the most important decisions I have made in my entire life was to pass responsibility for managing my initial very small pool of extra cash to Jacob Wolt of Cambridge Partners (BNL). This has now become a respectable accumulation of wealth and I haven’t had to concern myself with owning rental properties’ and unreliable tenants, second guess the share market and get annoyed at low bank interest rates. I have been able to get on with what I’m good at and enjoy, running my own business.

The team at Cambridge Partners have proven to me that I can trust their decision making and their researched proven methods of investment and funds management.

They have kept my capital safe by regularly assessing and reviewing my capacity for risk, and have consistently delivered appropriate returns. This has encouraged me to make a regular contribution to the pool of capital and so develop a good savings attitude and discipline. When you see the quarterly increases in the funds under management it stimulates you to want save even more.

Cambridge Partners have provided me with a forecasting wealth creation model that has enabled me to relax about work and life balance, and the quality of lifestyle I will be able to afford when I choose to retire. They have done the research and confidently forecast for me the future scenarios of wealth required to fund future lifestyle options.

Cambridge Partners have taken a genuine whole of family and whole of life interest in us. They have provided professional guidance to structures for appropriate wealth ownership and options for family distribution in the future. The show an interest in you at each stage of your life, even in the grave.

I have found all the Cambridge Partners team to be people of integrity, professional, personable, fun and interesting.