Single Women

Over much of the last century, a woman’s financial identity has been tied explicitly to someone else – her husband, her father or some other male in her.

In the modern age, there is a growing movement towards women creating their own financial identity and improving their experience regarding wealth and investing. Yet most financial services are not equipped for this and are still tailored to the needs and position of men.

At Cambridge Partners one of our guiding principles is recognising that every client is unique regardless of gender, ethnicity, beliefs or background.  

We have many years’ experience of advising successful female entrepreneurs and executives, as well as women ‘in a life transition’, who themselves in control of their and their family’s financial position by choice or other life changing circumstances. We recognise the many challenges women experience in navigating this.

Our advice acknowledges you as an individual, and is tailored to your values, preferences and opportunities to reach your goals.

To find more about our services, please listen to one of our videos, or contact Pip or Brigette for a free initial consultation.


Pip Kean is a financial adviser and Partner at Cambridge Partners in Christchurch.

Please listen to her approach to advising women who find themselves suddenly single.




Brigette is a financial adviser based in the Auckland region.

Brigette is a member of member of Equal Exes – a business group that offers practical, legal, financial and emotional support for people going through divorce or separation.